Monday, June 16, 2014

Love and Heal Yourself So You Can Move Away From A Painful Situation

Are you subconsciously holding yourself in a painful situation because you feel guilty and ashamed of something so you feel that you should be punished? Remember, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."~Eleanor Roosevelt. Now, do not feel that you gave someone permission to treat you as if you are inferior. You did not. However, if you are feeling within you that you are not deserving of a certain life, a certain job, you feel that you are not really important and or you don't have any worth, you will unconsciously give others permission to treat you in a dirty and low-down manner.
Because your subconscious is so used to you feeling badly and is used to you being treated badly it will enable to stay in that situation until you hopefully get tired of the pain. No one is deserving of a life filled with pain, not even you. The rapper LL Cool J once said that you will not move from a situation that is causing you pain until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you will pick up yourself and your self-love and walk away from that situation.
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If our earlier life was filled with immense pain, we will be subconsciously attracted to or our subconscious will subtly recreate a painful situation. We will be drawn to pain at some point in our life because there is a part of us that knows and is use to deep excruciating emotional and mental pain. Some people may call that sick, but the truth is that it is no different from someone whose life has been filled with only love, laughter and happiness. They will gravitate towards what magnifies more of what they are feeling. Thankfully, if there is a the part of us that knows what it is to feel deep joy, love and happiness, that will be the part of us that can help us to move ourselves out of the painful situations. You may feel your life going back and forth through the cycle of pain to aggression to love until we finally balance out at love. No matter how much pain our lives were filled with, we can always find a sliver of love that was shown to us at some time or another by others. Focus on that love.
Moving ourselves out of a painful situation will take a lot of strength and a lot of patience. I would love to tell you to not beat up on yourself, but I know you will, because I did and I have to catch myself a lot. During the time of my life that I was experiencing deep pain I was a staunch Type A personality. I could not stand if my life was not perfect on the outside and I always felt deeply ashamed if I experienced something that should not have been in my life. I never gave myself any leeway to experience and acknowledge life, as a result, I was always in pain.
Through it all, I had to learn to love myself first, even in the depths of the pain and through the darkness in order to lift myself out of the painful situation. That was a hard task since I was having such a deep, searing hatred towards myself. I believed that I was deserving of that pain because I should have known better and so I despised myself more and more each day. Sadly, it only caused me to feel pain more and more because I was being so hard on myself and it served to draw more pain to me

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