Monday, June 16, 2014

Stop Comparing Youself to Others and Start Accepting You and Your Unique Qualities

How many of you are willing to admit that you compare yourself to others in one way or another? I am pretty sure that most of us have done this at some time in our lives if not still. Often it can happen so automatically that we may not even realize we are doing it. It is as if we are just so accustomed to it that it seems normal. Do any of you relate?
Essentially this comparing seems to be a form of competition. I am sure the historical aspects of this stem far back in our history and would be an interesting study, however for the sake of this article I will just acknowledge this fact and you can research it on your own, as reviewing the origins of our competitive ways would be an article in its own. Sadly, today we as a culture carry this generational issue with us in our families, society, education, occupation and relationships of all kinds.

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I was pondering the beginnings of this comparing one against another in our own lives. Think back to your childhood. How were you doing this then? Did you have many siblings? That comparison can start right in your own home. Maybe one sibling received better grades than you. Maybe you thought one was prettier. I won't venture into how parents may contribute, however, I know the comparisons often starts in our own family unit; intentional or not.
In my family I was the oldest with a sibling that was four years younger than me. I was naturally athletically gifted; all genetics. I also had opportunity given to me to use those gifts. I tended to be good at whatever I tried athletically. I was also naturally outgoing. My sibling on the other hand was not naturally athletic and did not have a naturally outgoing personality. The reasons for his comparison to me are many, some natural being that I was the older sibling. Sadly, he didn't have help identifying his own individual strengths and finding his unique special gifts. How might this comparison have started in your family of origin?

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